If you’ve ever wanted to take revenge on the con artists who misled you into investing your life savings in tokens and platforms that crashed, now you can, virtually at least, by playing CyberArena’s new mini-game, CryptoArena; A new web3 fighting game playable in browser (Unity WebGL) featuring iconic celebrities and influencers.

Heroes vs. Villains

CryptoArena lets you choose between BitMan, Broken Arrow, CE Finance, Diamond Hex, DogeLord, Dont Kwon, GOAT, Michael Pilot, Sammy Bahamas, Satoshi, VitalEth, and Alski, and battle your rivals using superpowers that mirror their real-life counterparts’ talents.

CryptoArena is Free to Play

Battle Crypto Industry Icons in Old School 2D Inspired Fighting Game CryptoArena
Battle Crypto Industry Icons in Old School 2D Inspired Fighting Game CryptoArena

This free-to-play mini-game is the brainchild of Imperium Games, a motion-picture gaming studio that has shifted its focus from Web2 to Web3. Imperium Games has worked on several Triple-A games, including The Witcher, Battlefield 3, Mad Max, and Star Wars – Rebellion, and boasts 15 PvP independent games with 30 million downloads and over 150,000 daily active players.

Imperium’s CEO, Nikola Paunovic, quoted, “We came to Web3 during the bear market and noticed that the worse things got, the more competition and tribalism heated up between rival crypto communities. So we wanted to capture the spirit of the industry while showcasing some of the features players can expect in the full game.”

Not Another Web3 Snoozer game

CryptoArena is unlike any other web3 game you’ve played, featuring cutting-edge graphics, intuitive gameplay, and blistering performance. Within one week of its release, players fought in over 207,000+ matches and registered more than 30,000 registered accounts with 65k+ new entries in just last one week.

If you’re looking for a therapeutic way to vent your frustrations on digital versions of your enemies, CryptoArena is the game for you. Don’t take our word for it; play for free now at https://crypto-arena.net/game/.

For more information, contact Nicole Grinstead, the press agent for Lunar Digital Assets, at Nicole@lunardigitalassets.io or on Telegram or Twitter at @NrdGrl007.